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New York Times Article: When Businesses Can’t Stop Asking, ‘How Am I Doing?’

Posted on March 20th, 2012

Last week it was great to read an article in The New York Times about customer satisfaction surveys. The article discusses how companies are bombarding their customers with surveys in an effort to gauge customer satisfaction. However, it’s actually having the opposite effect as response rates are dropping dramatically.

The frequent requests to fill out these surveys, especially with no incentives, have been so annoying that people just stop doing it,” said Richard L. Oliver.

We’ve blogged on this topic many times. It’s critical that every company measure their customer satisfaction. However, asking your customers to constantly fill out lengthy surveys is not the way to do it. It’s much easier and more effective to simply provide a method where customers can provide you with instant feedback at their convenience – and do so without having to fill out a time consuming survey.

Be sure to also check out the blog by Kimberly Nasief the article mentions. Her blog is called The Service Witch and she blogs about effectively measuring customer satisfaction. One of her posts is titled: Infant Who Begins Babies R Us Customer Satisfaction Survey Dies of Old Age.

Learn more about measuring customer satisfaction without surveys here.



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