Referral Program

Earn up to $1000 every time you refer a customer to Hively!


  • As our way of saying thanks, you’ll receive 10% of the total spend of every new account that you refer to Hively. You’ll keep earning that commission for the lifetime of that account up to a maximum of $1,000 USD.
  • We’ve sweetened the deal for the account that you’ve referred too! They will receive a bonus month of their premium Hively plan for free when they signing up. For example, if they sign up to the Monthly plan, their first renewal date will be in two months time rather than one.

How it works

  1. Copy your referral link from the Settings section within Hively. See the Getting Started section below for more details.
  2. Send the referral link on to someone that you feel could benefit from Hively.
  3. When that person visits Hively, we’ll record you as the referrer.
  4. If that person goes on to sign up to a paid Hively plan in the next 90 days, we’ll record you as the referrer and you’ll earn a commission!

Getting started

If you already have a Hively account then you have everything you need. Just select Settings from the main menu within Hively and copy your referral link from the ‘Your Referral Link’ section. If you aren’t already a Hively user, you’ll need to sign up first.

The rules

  • Referrals are for new accounts that don’t have an existing or prior relationship with Hively.
  • Referral payouts are capped at $1,000 USD per account referred.
  • Referrals are paid out monthly with a minimum payout value of $50 USD. Amounts of less than this will roll over to the next payout period.
  • Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details.

Happy customers make happy teams

Free for teams of 3. No credit card required on signup.