Customer Service Tips from the Experts!

Read some tips from customer service experts! These people were Top Score holders in Hively and led their teams in providing excellent customer service!


Give us 1 tip for providing excellent customer service:

Take the time to re-read what you’ve written to the customer before you send it. Don’t rush through it. Check your spelling, your syntax, your grammar and your information. Details make the difference.

Name: Kelly Degler

Team: Trainsignal


Give us 1 tip for providing excellent customer service:

Remember to smile! Customers may not be able to see it, but a smile comes through over your voice on the telephone!

Name: Michael Armstrong

Team: Infomart2000


Give us 1 tip for providing excellent customer service:

The best way to provide excellent customer service is to understand the needs of your customer. Then, tailor the service to each individual in the manner which best suits them.

Name: Bianca Stover

Team: Adventist Midwest Recruitment Team


Kurt had the top Hively score for his team at Advantage On-Call.

Short and Sweet while being sincere.

Name: Kurt Elliott

Team: Advantage On-Call


Jill had the top score on his team at Ruby Receptionists.

Be innovative, and offer your customers different solutions or work-arounds to help solve problems. This may mean going the extra mile, and it’s worth it. Your customers will see your willingness to help and feel you are taking special care of them – because you are!

Name: Jill Holmes

Team: Ruby Receptionists


Shelly had the top Hively score for her team at ESoftware Professionals.

Remember that everyone has their own style of learning.

Name: Shelly Anibas

Team: ESoftware Professionals


Shashi had the top score on his team at Intel.

Provide timely service. The customer has proven they are committed by buying your product, so you should be responsive and empathetic to their needs when they have problems. No problem should be too small to provide a rapid response. Fast service is also one of the few pieces of positive feedback that people love to share!

Name: Shashi Jain

Team: Intel


Kendra had the top Hively score for her team at Ruby Receptionists.

Create a clear vision of the experience you want to create for your clients, and then put the right people and processes in place to make that happen.

Name: Kendra Neal

Team: Ruby Receptionists


Jamie had the top score on her team at Grapetree Medical Staffing.

Always having a cheerful tone while speaking with customers!

Name: Jamie Foster

Team: Grape Tree Medical Staffing


Cyndi had the top Hively score for her team at GrapeTree Medical Staffing.

Make your customer feel important and appreciated. Be a good listener.

Name: Cyndi

Team: GrapeTree Medical Staffing


Pam had the top score on her team at Grapetree Staffing.

Let the customer know they have your complete attention and they are the most important person at that moment.

Name: Pam

Team: Smashing Concordians from Grape Tree Medical Staffing


Connie had the top Hively score for her team at eSoftware Professionals.

I always try to make the support or training fit the person with whom I’m speaking. Sometimes this means bringing a little laughter or personal touch to the conversation, other times to-the-point service is the key. The more experience you have with the customer, the easier this becomes.

Name: Connie

Team: eSoftware Professionals


Amy had a Top Score of 30 for her team in January 2012.

Respond to any client question or issue immediately. Let them know you are committed to solving the situation and value their partnership.

Name: Amy

Team: Staffing eTrainer


Peter provides customer service to customers of 11 Bridges, all across the nation. He had a Top Score of 26 for his team in October 2011.

I do my best to delight the customers I speak with by always being friendly.

Name: Peter David

Team: 11 Bridges

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