Q: What kinds of companies can use Hively?

A: All kinds and all sizes. If you or anyone on your team interacts with customers, Hively is the perfect app for gathering and measuring customer happiness and engagement. It’s simple, effective and fun to use.

One of the best things about Hively is that it’s for all of your teams – not just the support, or just the sales team. Any team from customer service, to account management, to training, to sales can use Hively.

Hively is a great product for companies in any of the following industries:

  • Advertising and PR
  • Business Services – Consulting
  • Business Services – Others
  • Call/Customer Support Centers
  • Construction/Engineering
  • Education and Training
  • Energy – Utility
  • Financial Services – Banking
  • Financial Services – Insurance
  • Financial Services – Other
  • Government / Political
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing – Computers and Electronics
  • Manufacturing – Consumer goods
  • Manufacturing – Industrial goods
  • Market Research
  • Media and PR
  • Non-profit
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate/Property Management
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Staffing – Clerical
  • Staffing – Creative
  • Staffing – Executive
  • Staffing – Healthcare
  • Staffing – Hi Tech
  • Staffing – Light Industrial
  • Staffing – Legal
  • Staffing – Other
  • Tech – Software and Web Design
  • Tech – IT and Hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation services
  • Travel & Liesure

Q: Can’t I just measure customer satisfaction with surveys?

Perhaps. But we don’t think so. There are several problems with trying to measure customer satisfaction with surveys:

  • They’re time consuming for your customers. The word ‘survey’ alone can make people hit the delete button.
  • They are time consuming for you. Surveys take time to set up, send out and to properly measure the results.
  • A lot of subjective interpretation goes into the questions you’re asking your customers, so the results can be skewed.
  • You’re asking your customers to give feedback when you want them to – not when it’s convenient for them.
  • Surveys are often generalized to capture feedback about your company, product(s) and/or service(s) as a whole – not individual team member performance.
  • Surveys are sent periodically. A lot can happen in between these periods – good and bad. When this happens, you don’t have the ability to capture relevant up and down trends. You’re also missing out on testimonial opportunities and the need to address serious issues quickly.
  • Most surveys aren’t anonymous. Giving the option of anonymity increases your engagement rates.
  • It is difficult to come up with a consistent mechanism with which you are measuring the survey data. Without consistency, you’re skewing your data.
  • Survey data rarely, if ever, makes it to the people who need it the most – the team members interacting with your customers.
  • Most people will only go to the trouble of completing a survey if they’re unhappy with your service. Getting only negative feedback makes one grumpy, and perhaps a little sad.

Q: How is Hively better than using surveys?

Surveys have their purpose. However, Hively improves your ability to measure customer satisfaction in several ways.

  • It’s easy to set up and feedback can be collected with every customer interaction. The results are immediate and easy to measure.
  • The three option rating scale with a happy, satisfied and unhappy face on the question ‘How did I do?’ is universally understood.
  • Your customers can leave feedback whenever and however often it’s convenient for them.
  • You get real time and ongoing feedback on your team members. This makes feedback actionable and lets you address issues quickly.
  • Because customers can rate your team members as often as they like, your customer engagement will increase significantly.
  • Customers can provide ratings with one click. Time consuming? No.
  • Clients have a choice of leaving anonymous or detailed feedback. They choose their level of engagement.
  • Hively provides you with a simple and consistent mechanism for measuring customer happiness.
  • Hively creates an environment where everyone is being rated by the same standard and creates a culture of providing exceptional customer service within your organization.
  • Because it’s easy, convenient and fun, customers will be motivated to leave both good and bad feedback – often.

Q: How does Hively improve customer happiness?

Hively gives your customers a convenient and simple way to show their happiness with the service they receive from your company. They can do this with one click, at their convenience and after any interaction they have with your team. This empowers your customers with more direct access to your company and assures them you’ll be more responsive to their needs.

In addition, you’ll experience increased customer loyalty. Customer responses will come to you more frequently and in real time. You can instantly gather and measure feedback to respond quickly to important issues and improve your customer service.

By measuring customer happiness with every engagement, you enable your clients to give you feedback easily, quickly and often. Without a mechanism for measurement, you’re simply guessing at your customer happiness and engagement. Many companies are still sending periodic and time consuming surveys to assess customer happiness. This method requires customers to leave feedback at the time of your choosing – not theirs. Further, you’re asking them to give up their time by filling out a complete survey.

Hively also allows your customers to leave feedback anonymously. This gives your customers the ability to be more honest without risking any damage (real or perceived) to their relationship with your company.

Perhaps most importantly, customer feedback goes straight to the people who need it most – your team members. Empowering your team to get real time feedback on their performance serves to help them constantly improve the service they deliver to your customers.

All of this results in much greater customer happiness. Happy customers. Happy teams.

Q: Which of my employees/teams should use Hively?

If you or anyone on your team interacts with customers, Hively is the perfect method for gathering and measuring customer happiness. It’s simple, effective and fun to use. Hively provides ongoing, real time feedback that helps your team members constantly improve the service they provided your customers.

Hively is a great product for team members in the roles of:

  • Staffing specialists
  • Recruiters
  • Account managers
  • Sales representatives
  • Customer support
  • Billing
  • Consulting
  • Education and Training
  • Reception
  • Legal
  • Order processing
  • Market Research
  • Media and PR Professionals
  • Real Estate/Property Managers
  • Service/Wait Staff
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Retail
  • Executives

Q: Is anonymous feedback good?

Anonymous feedback methods give customers the ability to be more honest about their happiness without risking any perceived or real damage to their relationship with your company. If you require customers to provide their contact information every time they give you feedback you will reduce the amount of honest feedback you receive. Often times people have a difficult time stating exactly how they feel, so they’ll choose to not say anything, or worse – imply that everything is ok when it’s not.

By giving your customers the ability to leave feedback anonymously you give them an opportunity to speak openly and honestly in a way they feel most comfortable. If they want, they always have the option to give you their information and more detailed feedback. From our perspective, it’s better to get honest, anonymous feedback than to get dishonest or no feedback at all. That said, you can choose to allow anonymous feedback or not within Hively.

Q: Will Hively work with any email client like Oulook or GMail?

Yes! Hively works with any email client that accepts HTML signatures. Each team member gets their own personal rating snippet. This snippet is a simply HTML code scrap that can be copied and pasted into the custom signature area within any email client you’re using. It works with Oulook, GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Entrourage, Apple Mail, and many more.

Q: Will Hively work with my CRM or ticket tracking system like Salesforce.com or Zendesk?

Yes! Each team member gets their own personal rating snippet. This snippet is a simple HTML code scrap that can be copied and pasted into any CRM or ticket tracking system you’re using that accepts HTML. It works with Zendesk, Salesforce.com, Help Scout, Assistly, etc. You can paste your rating snippet into the email signature footers, ticket tracking footers or email templates of any of these systems. Stay tuned because we’re currently working on even deeper integrations with these systems!

Q: When should I send customers a direct request for feedback?

The more feedback you get the better you can measure your customer happiness and personal performance. And the better that feedback is, the more points you get in Hively! So, ask for feedback often. Some good examples of when to do this are after you…

  • Lead a webinar
  • Gave a presentation
  • Completed a shift or job assignment
  • Facilitate a meeting
  • Had a phone conversation
  • Conducted a training session
  • Run a strategy meeting
  • Finished consulting
  • Completed research
  • Served someone at a restaurant
  • Fulfilled an order

Q: Do I have to have a lot of technical knowledge to use Hively?

Nope. If you can copy and paste and click buttons you’re good to go. Hively is super easy to use and works simply with any email client, CRM or ticket tracking system.

Q: Can I test out Hively?

Absolutely. You can sign up to use Hively for free with up to 3 team members. This is a great way to try out Hively. Sign up, give yourself ratings and see how it all works. Once you’re ready to go you can delete your test ratings and get going with your team!

Q: Is my data safe and secure?

Yes it is. Your account is only accessible by a user with the correct login and password. Hively staff do not have access to account data or passwords. If you lose your password we can only change it, not provide it. If you choose to cancel Hively, all data is completely removed from our servers.

Q: Why would I want to use a QR Code?

One of the Hively rating snippet options is a QR Code. A QR Code is essentially a bar code that can be scanned with a smart phone. You can print Hively QR Codes out onto business cards, flyers, desk placards, name badges, time slips, etc so that your team members can get feedback while offline, for example at events or conferences.

Q: Will emails with my Hively rating snippet get caught in spam filters?

We cannot guarantee 100% that all emails will not be intercepted by sometimes over-protective spam filters – especially in Outlook. However our customers tell us this is not a problem. In our tips for getting the most out of Hively, we recommend techniques to ensure junk mail filters never become an issue.

Q: What if my customers can’t receive images?

By default, many email clients like Outlook and Gmail block images contained within an email. This can’t be avoided. However, we have designed our snippets and email templates to still make sense even if this is the case. Will still display color and text that is relevant that lets your customer know what the email is about. Once a customer clicks the option to download/display images everything is as it should be.

We also provide plain text and single link rating snippet options if this works better for your team.

Q: Are ratings recorded when a customer clicks on a smiley face?

If you allow for anonymous feedback then yes, as soon as a customer clicks a smiley face you’ve received feedback! Clicking a face will also take your customers to a rating page where they can change their rating and/or add comments and additional details. If they submit these changes it will override the original rating clicked with the new information, not provide a second rating.

Q: What are the customer thanks buttons?

These are essentially ‘Call-To-Action’ buttons (CTAs). These are buttons you can customize enabling customers to click to your website, download a white paper or coupon, email a manager – or whatever you like. They’re essentially a way to display additional information to your customers and you can customize them based on the feedback your customer has given.

Q: What happens if a customer clicks a smiley face more than once?

Only the first click is recorded. If a customer changes their rating on the customer rating page and resubmits it, the previous rating will be overridden.

Happy customers make happy teams

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