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Check out the Interview with Jason Lander – Founder and CEO of Hively on IdeaMensch

Posted on September 25th, 2012

IdeaMensch is a blog that interviews founders of start up companies. Check out their interview with Jason Lander, Founder and CEO of Hively.

Where did the idea for Hively come from?

We worked with companies for years that were incredibly focused on customer service. However, most of them weren’t measuring their customer satisfaction levels, and if they were, the were trying to do so with surveys. Surveys don’t work; they’re time consuming, the data is hard to aggregate, and they have a very low engagement rate. So, we created Hively around the idea of giving businesses the ability to measure customer service online in the simplest way possible. We furthered it by creating a means for managers to immediately reward employees for delivering exceptional customer service.


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