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Bee Mania – About The Hively Brand

Posted on December 15th, 2011

Looks like we’re not the only ones fond of bees!

, a blogger over at pointed out the trend of bee themed brands that’s going on. It’s a very good observation. We’ve seen it for a while but thought perhaps it just seemed that way to us because of our brand. Nope. Looks like others have noticed as well and bee brand mania is here! 🙂

A little about out brand….

We named our company after and created the Hively brand around a concept. The concept of people on a team, collaboratively working together  to achieve a collective goal. The goal – maximum customer happiness! To us, the best image to represent this concept was a bee hive.

At first we called our company Hive. Very quickly though we felt it was too plain. We came up with all kinds of iterations after that – Hivo, Hivation, HiveMind, The Hive – until we eventually landed on Hively.



The brand was born out of playing with the honeycomb theme by our brilliant graphic designer Laura Jones. At first it was centered around just the honeycomb but eventually evolved into…yes, bees!


The honeycomb represents a team, the bees the team members and the dotted lines the trending and measuring components of Hively. We liked the honeycomb imagery so much we brought them into our rating snippet smiley faces. We also think it gives the smiley faces more character, as opposed to just being standard smiley faces.

We’re quite fond of our brand and happy to be part of the bee brand trend! Let us know what you think in the comments below about our brand and the whole bee theme branding trend.


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