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Real-life Hively Rating System!

Posted on November 15th, 2011

Our friend Amber Case – Founder and CEO of Geoloqi – shared with us a real-life Hively rating system.

While attending the Øredev 2011 conference in Malmö, Sweden, the conference asked for feedback with a very simple rating method that looked very familiar!

Attendees of Øredev 2011 were asked to simply place a colored sheet of paper that matched the rating type they wanted to express into a basket. This let the Øredev team have a simple, but effective understanding of how people felt about the conference.

Amber tells us,

“This was the absolute best rating system for a conference. No write-ups, no forms – just colored cards in a bucket. It worked for everyone, regardless of their language.”

Perhaps next year Øredev will be interested in using Hively? Hhhmmm…

You can actually create this same feedback system for your conference or event. Hively lets you create a QR code you can gather feedback with. You can print this QR Code out and place it on a sign, poster, desk placard, etc. Now, people at your event can scan the QR code from any mobile device and provide 1 click feedback by simply clicking either a Happy, Satisfied or Unhappy face.

The Hively rating method is simple and universally understood. It provides you with real time feedback that is valuable and easy to act on. Give it a try at your next event and let us know how it worked!

Thanks for sharing Amber! Check out Geoloqi – a development platform for location based apps. And check out her Flickr page.

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