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Announcing Hively’s Exclusive Beta

Posted on March 17th, 2011

Today we are launching Hively in an exclusive beta!

Hively is a simple and effective way to measure client satisfaction for your business. You can use Hively to reward your employees and view real time client happiness feedback on your team’s performance. It’s a fun, effective and easy way to motivate your employees and give your customers the opportunity to easily give you feedback.

Hively is perfect for small or large teams that perform customer support, sales, training or operational activities in your company. Actually, any member of your team that interacts with customers can benefit from Hively.

You can set up your team on Hively in just a few minutes and start collecting customer feedback. The customer happiness ratings you receive are real time, and can be measured for each team member and your team as a whole. The customer rating feedback enables you to quickly see trends so you can better gauge performance, respond to issues and measure client happiness.

All of this leads to better client and employee retention. Happy customers, make happy teams.

Learn more about Hively and how to improve customer satisfaction.

Any questions? Get in touch with us!


Hively is a product of Hively, Inc.

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Happy customers make happy teams

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