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Workflow improvements for Admins

Posted on October 24th, 2017

We’ve added a few workflow improvements to make the lives of Admins that little bit easier, especially those looking after larger accounts. Collectively, they’re worth a quick blog post. The changes are:

Search for Team Members

If you have more than a few dozen team members you’re likely to benefit from the new Search field on the Add & Remove Members page. Search results are returned for matches or partial matches on Name and Email fields and casing is ignored, so searches for ‘JANE’, ‘Jane’ and ‘jane’ would all return exactly the same results.

Editable email addresses

Now, Team Member email addresses can be updated directly from the Add & Remove Members page.

Direct access to Team Member’s Rating page

Still on the Add & Remove Members page, a ‘View’ link has been added for each Team Member along with the pre-existing ‘Edit’ and ‘Remove’ links. Clicking the ‘View’ link takes you to the Rating page for the Team Member and from there a range of actions can be taken including:

  • Viewing and managing the Team Member’s ratings
  • Accessing and resending their snippet
  • Requesting ratings
  • Downloading their Rating data

As a side note, these improvements were made as the result of feedback from one of our customers about their own workflow. The end result was that the customer was happy to see their suggestions implemented and we were happy to gain some valuable insights into how Hively was being used in that customer’s environment. So, if you have some suggestions of your own, please go ahead and send us a mail. I can assure you that your suggestions will be heard!

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