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How can I get more feedback? Try a Rating Request (part 2)

Posted on July 18th, 2017

In our last blog post we discussed how you can use Rating Requests to get more feedback from your customers and I mentioned how here at Hively we’d done just that ourselves, generating almost ten times the feedback we’d been getting before. So, now that we’ve got all this extra information, what do we do with it?

Firstly, feedback is a huge driver for our product roadmap and it helps us to be much more efficient in deciding which resources will go where and what features are most important to our customers and therefore more urgently needed.

All of this extra feedback we’ve received also helps us to understand pain points for our customers, which in turn helps us to fix problems for people. It may be that a customer is wanting a feature which already exists in Hively but they didn’t know it was available. In these situations the problem is easily fixed, but we can also then look at how we’re communicating to make it easier for people to find and use these features in the future. In other situations we might find out that something’s not as streamlined as it should be and this gives us the opportunity to fix it. We might not get to find out about some of these problems unless someone told us about it!

There are also other benefits to getting more feedback coming in. It helps to let our customers that we care about them and what they think. We’re also hearing from the ‘silent majority’ of our users, from people who we don’t ordinarily get to interact with. We frequently interact with account owners and admins and as such we get great feedback from them, but most of our users are end users rather than admins and it’s great to get to know their thoughts, needs and wants as well.

In our experience any contact with customers is better than no contact and using Rating Requests is another opportunity to let our customers know we care and are listening. It’s also great for morale! Recently we received some really great feedback which gave everyone here a smile:

“Receiving Happy faces for Hively gets me Buzzzzzzzing!! Nice format and easy for our own customers to use! Thank you!”

This was our first ever interaction with Adam and without asking for feedback we would likely never have had the pleasure.

And lastly, we’ve found a lot of inspiration in the feedback we’ve been given, in fact even the idea for this very blog post came from a discussion internally about feedback from a customer. The customer wanted to know how to get more feedback from Hively. Since Rating Requests are a great way to do that we thought that apart from answering their question directly we could also write a blog post to help other customers out.

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