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New Feature: Team Member access controls

Posted on February 23rd, 2017

By default, Hively shares quite a lot of information between Team Members. For instance, Team Members can see their own ratings as well as the Leaderboard, which includes summary level information on the ratings of their fellow Team Members. We’ve found this to be a good default but it’s not a perfect fit for all circumstances which is why we’re giving customer on our Premium plans greater control over the level of access that Team Members have:

  1. The first (and default) option is still for Team Members to be able to see their own ratings and the Leaderboard. This is also the level of access that is available of the free plan.
  2. The second option is for Team Members to be able to see their own ratings (and opt to receive notifications), but not to have access to the Leaderboard.
  3. With the third option, Team Members won’t have access to any rating information and won’t receive notifications of ratings.

How do I set the level of access?

From the main menu, select the Profile page. From there, you’ll see the options listed above under the heading Team Member Access. Just select the level you require and click Update.

What about Admins and Team Leaders?

This setting doesn’t affect the level of access of Team Leaders and Administrators. Team Leaders can see the Leaderboard, their own ratings and their team’s ratings. Administrators can see the Leaderboard and all ratings.

If you have feedback on the new access levels we’d love to hear it at!

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