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Multi-team accounts now available in Hively

Posted on May 26th, 2016

Hively accounts can now be split up into multiple teams. This can be useful:

  • Where you have a larger account and would like to track metrics by team.
  • Where you want Team Leaders to have visibility of their Team Member’s ratings, but not of Team Members of other teams.
  • Where you have multiple brands within your account that require their own branding.
  • Where you provide support in more than one language and you want to the messaging on your rating page to be in a customer’s language.

Some details on teams are below:

  • Team Members on your account can now be organised into teams.
  • Each team can have one or more Team Leader. Team Leaders can see (and be notified of) individual Team Member ratings but can’t delete or reassign team member ratings.
  • The leaderboard can now be shown for the whole account or for each individual team.
  • Teams can have their own logo. The team logo and name can optionally be shown on the Customer Thanks email in place of the account logo and name. This is needed for customers looking to bring multiple brands under the one account.
  • The look, feel and messaging of the rating page can be set for each team. Customers supporting multiple languages will find this useful, although more complete multi-language support is coming in a release in the near future.
  • Administrative functions such as subscribing, adding/removing Team Members or changing account settings are now performed under the new role of Account Administrator. Accounts can now have multiple administrators, whereas previously only one could exist on an account. The Administrator role is simply the old Team Leader role, but the name has changed to save confusion on multi-team accounts.

More hands-on information is covered in this support article.

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