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Customer Happiness Matters to Travelers Haven

Posted on May 1st, 2012

Travelers Haven provides cost-effective temporary housing services and personalized travel assistance. Offering furnished housing rates 57% below the national average for corporate housing, and hotel discounts up to 30% below listed rates, Travelers Haven can save you money while improving the quality of travel and housing.

Companies partner with Travelers Haven and outsource their temporary housing and travel management needs because we can:

  • Eliminate security deposit payments
  • Enhance rural housing capabilities
  • Reduce vacancy expenses
  • Save money on travel and temporary housing

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Travelers Haven uses Hively to measure their customer happiness. They believe their customers come first and that everything else falls into place. To consistently deliver excellent customer service Travels Haven focuses on the following:

  1. Train, re-train, and train again
  2. Customer satisfaction surveys (NPS) every 6 months
  3. Hively email tracking and measurement (we love the instant feedback)

“We love Hively. It gives us detailed insight into our customer satisfaction that we didn’t have before.” – David Folwell, CMO at Travelers Haven

In the last 60 days alone, Travelers Haven has received more than 200 customer ratings through Hively and has an overall customer happiness rating of 93%. We think that’s excellent!

To keep their employees motivated and focused on taking care of their customers, Travelers Haven hires employees who are passionate about their work, and rewards them with office parties, gifts and promotions.

Here’s a tip from Travelers Have for providing exceptional customer service:

“Listen to your customers. Use tools like Hively to get instant feedback, but don’t forget to talk with your top customers regularly. We believe listening and understanding your customers’ needs should be the top priority of every great service business.”


Learn more about Travelers Haven and their service here:

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