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What’s All This WOW Business?

Posted on April 26th, 2012

A few people have been asking us to explain the new ‘WOW’ feature in Hively so we thought we’d just make it a post in case others out there have the same questions.

First – what’s a WOW?

You know those times you go the extra mile for a customer? Well now they can let you know. Hively has always let your customers indicate if they are Happy, Satisfied or Unhappy. However, now they can also let you know when you have WOW’d them! If you go above and beyond for a customer they can give you a WOW and provide specific reasons for how you WOW’d them.

As with all Hively customer feedback, if you receive a WOW you will be instantly notified and have the Hively WOW badge prominently displayed on your leaderboard profile for your team to see. You will also receive +1 point for a WOW, increasing your personal and team customer satisfaction score! So get out there and start WOWing your customers!


Is the WOW a 4th rating option?

A WOW is not an additional (4th) rating option in Hively. When team members get a WOW from a customer they receive the WOW badge, +1 point and extra recognition via email for receiving a WOW. We have designed the WOW to recognize exceptional service that stands out even more than making a customer happy. While it deserves extra recognition, it’s important the rating scale stay simple and weighted evenly with only 3 options.


Does someone need to select “Happy” before they have access to select “WOW”?

A customer only sees the option to give a Team Member a WOW if they first give them a Happy Rating. Again, the WOW is not a 4th rating option – it’s simply a way for a customer to say you made them even happier than ‘Happy.’

Is the +1 point treated differently from the 1 point?

No, the +1 point is simply added to your score. We simply add the +1 to help explain that it’s ‘in addition to’ the point you received for the Happy rating. So, you get 1 point for the Happy rating and +1 point for the WOW – for a total of 2 points.


Can WOW’s be given anonymously?

One specific feature of the WOW is that customers must provide their name, email and a comment (details of the wow) in order to submit a WOW. All fields are required. This way the entire reason for the WOW is clearly recorded for everyone to see. WOWs provide great opportunities for bragging rights and internal training.


Do you have other questions on the WOW feature? If so, let us know in the comments below or by emailing us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!


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