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Terry Starbucker: 9 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Drinking Coffee With Entrepreneurs

Posted on March 27th, 2012

Terry Starbucker is a business consultant that focuses on Leadership, Business Strategy and Execution, Customer Care, and Social Media. He spends much of his time helping businesses improve by implementing systems and process for measuring and learning from customer feedback. When he’s not doing that, he’s speaking and blogging on the topic. Yesterday, he posted a great article on his blog titled ‘9 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Drinking Coffee With Entrepreneurs.’

We’ve met with Terry several times over the last few months and he’s given us great insight and advice on the direction of our business. We thought this post provided a great perspective on the thoughts and minds of entrepreneurs. Give it a read.

So Undeniably, Positively Human  – No suits, no briefcases, no tons of cool acronyms, no executive assistant, (sometimes) no office, (sometimes) no money, no huge staff – just them.  And their dream.  And their love of the dream.   The earnestness is so truly inspiring.

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