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Customer Email About Hively

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We’ve always received great feedback from our customers for having fantastic customer support. In an effort to continuously improve, were now using a new product called Hively. Hively helps us gather feedback from our customers like you so we can see how we’re doing. This system gives you the power to both reward and reprimand us for our performance, and allows us to improve with each and every customer interaction.

How does it work?

Every time you receive an email from a member of our team, you’ll be asked to rate that experience by clicking on one of three emoticons in their email signature: a green happy face (positive experience), a yellow satisfied face (average experience) or a red unhappy face (unpleasant experience).

These ratings then total into an overall customer happiness score for each of our team members and ultimately into and overall customer happiness score for our entire team.

How it helps you:

We’re using Hively to improve the experience we provide our customers and better respond to your needs. By measuring how we’re doing at every touch point we’ll become even more responsive and improve your overall happiness with our service. So dont be shy! When you see a Hively rating request from us, let us know how were doing.

~ Thanks

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Happy customers make happy teams

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