• “Hively is simple, cool and useful. We can truly quantify our customer happiness without dealing with an expensive, time consuming survey process.” ~ Ty Wolf-Jones, Director of Ops at Tango Card tango card logo
  • “We love Hively. It gives us detailed insight into our customer satisfaction
    that we didn’t have before.” ~ David Folwell, CMO at Travelers Haven
  • “Due to a continued decline in response rate, we have completely eliminated surveys and we’re now using Hively for real time customer feedback. It is simple to use, very inexpensive and good feedback for on-going performance improvement ideas.” ~ Jennifer Fuicelli, CEO Advanced Medical
  • “Since Hively’s mission is to help increase customer happiness we knew their product would be a good fit for us.” ~ Jill Nelson, Ruby Receptionists
  • “Hively is the simplest tool for gathering customer feedback we’ve ever used”
    ~ Damon Gage, SpringAhead logo image
  • “Working with Hively is great. They do a great job of not only promoting good customer service, but of actually practicing it too!” ~ Jeanenne Kinnetz, Grapetree


Measure Customer Satisfaction

Empower your customers to provide real time feedback whenever they want, with 1 click.

Achieve Customer Happiness

Get consistent customer feedback so you can quickly respond to their needs.

Reward Your Team

Reward Team Members for delivering exceptional customer service!

From Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo – to Zendesk, Desk, Help Scout and SalesForce, Hively easily integrates with any email client, CRM or ticket tracking system you’re using.
Have your entire team using Hively in less than 3 minutes.